Facilities Aboard                                   Plan of 'Tarporley'

‘Tarporley’ is comfortably laid out, both for day trips as well as for overnight and longer cruising. 

Folding tables are available

It has a long main cabin with seating.  It has a car-type stereo radio/CD and an i-Pod type dock which your i-Pod or similar player can be plugged into.  You can also recharge your portable devices if you bring a suitable mains or car-type adaptor.  No other electrical devices should be used.       Back to the Top

   Bring your favourite music!!     

Next there is a galley or kitchen with standard gas cooker, including oven, sink, cupboards etc.  You can cook as much as you like!  It has hot and cold running water and a 86 litres fridge with a freezer compartment volume of 14 litres.  Folding tables allow for more formal dining, if required.


There is NO microwave.  There are plenty of pots, pans, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery etc.  Enough to cook and serve a banquet!!  Please bring whatever food and drink you prefer [or not!] as you want.  Alcohol is allowed on board, so long as the boat's safety is not affected.

Next to the galley there is a shower/ toilet with wash hand-basin.                Back to the Top

  Beyond that . . .   

. . there is further seating convertible to 2-tier bunks and storage.   This area can be curtained off. 

See our Residential Facilities page for more information or ask if you need further information or advice