Charitable Trips

We want to help community organizations and groups whose aims & objectives are to enhance people's social or educational opportunities in relation to narrowboats and canals but who lack the sources of funds to achieve this. We are offering reduced price trips to not-for-profit community groups who have limited resources to pay for them, but in cases of exceptional hardship they can be waived.  These trips are available during weekday daytime only.

CHARITABLE RATES (20% reduction for trips between 1st November – 31st March)



(Monday – Thursday)



Up to 3 hours

Up to 6 hours

Additional hours







An extract from CCNA Aims & Objectives:

i. To provide for people living or working in the London Borough of Camden and the surrounding area a range of social and educational opportunities on narrowboats and on the canals.

iii. To promote greater understanding of the history and role of narrowboats and the canals in Camden and in other areas.

v. In providing services and facilities the Association shall give priority (wherever possible and practical) to sections of the community experiencing social and economic deprivation.

If your group's or organization's aims and objectives fit in with ours then please complete an application form to see if we can help you.